Legal Services

MDLC advocates to improve the lives of people with disabilities.  We help people with disabilities pursue opportunities to participate fully in all aspects of community life, and champion their rights to self-determination, dignity, equality, choice and freedom from harm.  By advancing the rights of people with disabilities, we strive to create a more just and inclusive society.

MDLC provides free legal services to Marylanders with disabilities on matters that are related to their disabilities and fall within our advocacy service areas.  MDLC’s advocacy services are developed in close collaboration with the community of people we serve, and in compliance with our funding sources.  MDLC continually strives to be responsive to our stakeholders and welcomes comments and suggestions regarding our advocacy services at

The decision to accept an individual case for representation will be informed by MDLC’s Statement of Advocacy Services, resource limitations, and our commitment to affecting broad-based, significant and lasting change for Marylanders with disabilities.

Please see MDLC’s 2015-16 Advocacy Services Plan for more information.

Use our Feedback form to comment on the kinds of cases we accept, or send us an email at .